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{Selected for International Competition}
Toronto*Locarno*San Francisco*Tokyo*Los Angeles A.F.I.

"... riveting, with intricate editing and striking lensing... balancing raw realism against a nocturnal, smoke-filled haze that verges on the surreal...gritty character studies developed with improvisational actor input a la Cassavetes... far from the coolnik stylizations of Jarmush, Tarantino and the current generation."


"the best film about small-time pool hustlers since Jackie Gleason cued
up in 'The Hustler'...remarkable cast...exquisitely shot and edited
is an atmospheric triumph."

--Hollywood Reporter

"CHALK's characters are its greatest achievement...they have a depth
authenticity rarely seen on screen."

--MovieMaker- 'Toronto's Treats'

"Not encountered until now: therapeutic cinema! Impeccably edited...a
sensitive & qualified voice from the world of losers and
between improvisation and psychotherapy."

--Mariella Delfanti, Corriere Del Ticino, Italy

"...brilliantly photographed billiards duel between TC and Dorian James
as exciting in its way as any multi-million dollar Hollywood car

--S.F. Weekly

"... the honesty that [Nilsson] and scriptwriter Bajema bring to bear
here in
unflinching characterizations of marginalized misfits is something
admirable and altogether rare in today's paint-by-the-numbers, audience
tested and approved major theatrical releases."

--Sundance Online

"For the players it's the match of their lives. For the competition in
CHALK is a cinematic power package like no other presented in this

--Christoph Heim, Basler Zeitung, Switzerland

"If Nilsson seemed to go underground after his first film, Northern
(co-directed with John Hanson), won the Camera d'Or at Cannes and his
blazing Heat and Sunlight nabbed the dramatic prize at the 1988
Sundance Film Festival, his return may signal that American movies are
once again ready for passionate storytelling, unglamorous characters
emotional honesty."

--Michael Fox, San Francisco International Film Festival

"The fascination of CHALK lies in everything that happens around the
exquisitely shot pool games. This film has blues in its blood... their
talk, their
jive, their fears make them all multidimensional projections of

--Piers Handling, Toronto Intl. Film Festival

"A Locarno il Bellissimo CHALK!..From this secluded microcosm, Nilsson
creates a powerful metaphor or map of society's litmus: A racial
caldron, the
taste of risk, violence, the ideology of success, the family
institution in

--Morando Morandini, Il Giorno, Milan, Italy

"The collisions of the game find their echo on the faces of the
story culminates in a match where more than victory or defeat is at
one of the best contributions in the [Locarno] international

--Thomas Allenbach, Der Bund, Switzerland/Germany

"The effect, that Nilsson has worked hard for with his actors from an
workshop of former outcasts and drug-addicts, is authentically raw."

--Neue Zuricher Zeitung,, Switzerland

"some of the most realistic portrayals ever put on film."

--Ron Sheldon, People's Weekly World,Top 10

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